The images displayed on this website are the copyright of David Barlow and all rights are reserved.

Using the images will require a fee to be paid. This will depend on the type of use. Any use adopts full agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

The downloadable images are for personal reference or for use as placeholders in an offline edit. They must not be used for any public display, on another website or other public forum without first having obtaining a license for such use.

To obtain a licence to use the material, first contact should be by email and the following information will be required:

Who are you? Your name or your company name and contact details.

What form does your presentation take? Is it a film, programme, DVD, website or any other use.

How will it be used? ie Theatrical, use in advertising, for broadcast, at a conference, in schools or any other use.

In which territories will it be used? Throughout the world or in certain countries; if so, which countries?

What master delivery format are you likely to require? This should include movie container, codec, audio settings, resolution and Bitrate.

This information will allow us to contact you and  inform you of the licence fee and technical charges likely to be incurred to deliver the master clips to you.

We reserve the right not to license the material for some uses. Downloading material does not confer an automatic right to use it; so it is important to make contact to ascertain the conditions of use before your edit is complete.

Please also remember that there will be minimum charges and you should make sure that you are aware of these.


To ensure that you will receive the correct material you will need to  send us a list of the clip names that you require with the In and Out time codes. The Archive clip name and the relevant Source Time Code are burned into the downloaded clips. We cannot provide master materials for off-line edits and we will charge for all master material requested.

We will send you a confirmation of this by email. This will give you a final cost for the license and any technical charges.

If you do not receive confirmation, do not assume that the order is in hand. Sadly, in the real world, things sometimes go astray so please check if you do not receive confirmation.

We will require payment and a signed client agreement before delivery. Payment by credit or debit card or bank transfer are the acceptable means of payment.


Once we know what you require and payment is received, then delivery will normally be within five working days unless otherwise agreed. Overseas customers should be aware of time zone differences when placing orders to allow plenty of time for the process to happen.

This is a digital archive and so the standard method of delivery will be by upload of video clips, in your chosen format, to an ftp site. This can be yours or ours but it is advised that it should be password protected.  Other forms of delivery such as disk drive or tape can be arranged if the appropriate technical charges are agreed in advance.


You will be asked to complete and sign a client agreement which will clearly state the use of the footage, the amount of material used and the fee paid. This agreement will incorporate our full terms and conditions. You can find a copy of the full terms and conditions of supply here.

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