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Haemonchus Larval Stages

Haemonchus larval stages develop a cuticle to afford some protection from dessication when outside the body.

They climb grass stems to increase their chances of being eaten quickly. When ingested, they shed the cuticle

and then grow to adulthood feeding on blood from the lining of the gut. The females shed fresh eggs into the

gut which pass out of the host's body in the faeces. These collections represent stages of larval development from climbing

the grass stem to shedding the cuticle which takes place inside the body. The coloured backgounds can be used to

represent the general colour scheme of the surrounding environment. Blue for water. pink for inside the body and

green for a leaf surface. Dark field is always a good standard. There is a fair amount of overlap, so take your pick.


Film and video shots of stages of development and exsheathment in the larva of the sheep parasite Haemonchus contortus. Dark field and Interference contrast (DIC) video photography through the microscope with various colour backgrounds. Microscopy of a veterinary problem.
Haemonchus: Dark field microscopy, film and video shots Haemonchus larvae Haemonchus: Pre exsheathment in water, Intereference Contrast microscopy, green background Haemonchus: Pre exsheathment in waterIntereference Contrast microscopy, pre exsheathment, haemonchus larvae
Haemonchus Pre-exsheathment dark field microscopy Haemonchus: Pre exsheathment in water,interference microscopy, green background, film and video footage Dark field microscopy,Haemonchus larvae in groups
Haemonchus: Pre exsheathment in water. Interference contrast microscopy Film and video Haemonchus, pre-exsheathment, interference contrast, red background Film and video shots of post exsheathment haemonchus larvae, dark field microscopy
Haemonchus: Pre-exsheathment interference contrast microscopy, dark background, film and video Haemonchus: Exsheathment dark field microscopy in water, film and video Film and video shots Haemonchus larvae, interference contrast,
Haemonchus: Pre-exsheathment interfrence contrast microscopy, blue background, film and video Film and video footage  Haemonchus: Exsheathment , interference contrast microscopy in water, dark background



The terminology is fairly simple:

Pre-exsheathment refers to the larval developmental stage before ingestion with the cuticle present.

Exsheathment is the process of shedding the cuticle.

Post-exsheathment refers to larvae present within the gut  having shed the cuticle.

DIC stands for Differential Interference Contrast, a microscopic imaging technique.

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